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Education Group Tour

Industrial Tour: College student free time trips are approved at various off-beat destinations in India.

As a fraction of engineering or science set of courses, college students have to get experience of progression and culture of Industry. We at set and leave Holidays get care of all the travel & lodging for the students while they preparation for their industrial visit. more than a few Industries are present at a variety of locations in India. Industrial tour may be clubbed with leisure journey where students can enjoy their developed visit.

Educational Tour

Educational tour gives good knowledge to students on a diversity of topics. These excursions have secret slogan of education and provide out-of-the-classroom knowledge.

Team Bonding Explore

Team bonding tour is prearranged at unusual destinations in India, where college students study the meaning of team work and prepare themselves for future.

Adventure Tours

College journey tours are prearranged in India at exotic places like Goa, Uttaranchal, Himachal, J&K. Adventure actions comprises white water rafting, Paragliding, wildlife tour, trekking, snorkeling etc.

International Exposure Tours

International introduction Tours : International learner tours are prearranged for students who are visiting any international purpose on student replace agenda or visiting for university tour or participating any international competition.

Educational Programs

​Inter India Tours offers a diversity of educational programs for schools, families, youth groups, and more. Gratify evaluation the in order below to learn more about your options! To schedule a tour or register for a program.​​

Sun Garden Tour

Get pleasure from an interactive tour of our steamy Sun Garden. Students will use their senses in an exotic surroundings different from their own back yard.

Green House Planting

Learners will learn about a orangery and what plants need to survive.Every student will take placed seeds or a plant home.


Study about queen butterflies and their attractive life cycle.

Plant Parts

Learners will learn concerning the a variety of parts of a plant and a blossom by looking at the plants here at the middle.

Carnivorous Plants

Students will be launched to the mesmerizing world of meat-eating plants and why they eat meat. Skill obtainable upon request. Also, student will see our possess very own carnivorous plant anthology!.

Life in the Rainforest

Travel around the magnificent world of a rainforest. Learn about vegetation and animals of the rainforest, and the stability between the two. Particular appearance available of Madagascar's rainforest.

Beautiful Bats

Scholars will learn about what these night-time creatures do for our surroundings and explore the bats' unique versions.


Study who pollinators are and how they are significant to us. Learners will recognize a pollinator and test their information with an interactive sport.

Water Cycle

Discover how our water travels all around us by moving as a water droplet in an interactive game. Mississippi River programming available. Please call for more details.

An Ant's Life

Students will learn about ant life underground and how the colony works together to survive.

Vermin Composting

Learn how to generate and use fertilizer made from worms. This hand-on action investigates how worms help break down our organic waste. Student will be have the chance to touch real worms.

Fossil Fun

​​Trace Fun: Plants survived millions of years previously and have left their spot on the world as fossils. verify out how fossils are twisted and learn the different kinds of fossils.
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